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Einstein/ Velikovsky Letters:
What Einstein Really Said
“Catastrophes, yes; Venus, no”

July 8, 1946

Dear Mr. Velikovsky:

I have read the whole book about the planet Venus. There is much of interest in the book which proves that in fact catastrophes have taken place which must be attributed to extraterrestrial causes. However it is evident to every sensible physicist that these catastrophes can have nothing to do with the planet Venus and that also the direction of the inclination of the terrestrial axis towards the ecliptic could not have undergone a considerable change without the total destruction of the entire earth's crust. Your arguments in this regard are so weak as opposed to the mechanical—astronomical ones, that no expert will be able to take them seriously. It were best in my opinion if you would in this way revise your books, which contain truly valuable material. If you cannot decide on this, then what is valuable in your deliberations will become ineffective, and it may be difficult finding a sensible publisher who would take the risk of such a heavy fiasco upon himself.

I tell you this in writing and return to you your manuscript, since I will not be free on the considered days.

With friendly greetings, also to your daughter,

Your, Albert Einstein

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"Futurist, Prophet, Mythologist, Historian, Scientific Renegade"

Velikovsky's theories, generally unacceptable to contemporary scientists and accredited scholars (in virtually every area his work touches on), continue to inspire, in some quarters, respect, if not awe- some 30 now years after his death in 1979. One finds many sites on the internet which deal with or make reference to Velikovsky's works. Generally, advocates of Velikovsky's ideas are religiously motivated or simply intrigued by Velikovsky "revolutionary" ideas. One will find, below, the link to the Archives of Velikovsky's writings and correspondence. The reader is cautioned to be wary of many unreliable representations made regarding Velikovsky's background, credentials, and claims of "scientific" verification of his theories.

Velikovsky, Dr. Mock, and the Bible

Challenge to Dr. Mock's "unscientific" views of Velikovsky:
by Leroy Ellenberger


The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive


Was "Venus" Censured From Translations of the Hebrew Bible & All Other Bibles—As Claimed by Velikovsky?

- Brief Version

- Detailed Version

In Commemoration of Worlds in Collision
(With Current Self-Critique-Jan.2013)
Velikovsky's invitation to Eric Miller to write the commemoration piece for a planned full page ad for N.Y. Times on the 20th anniversary of original publication along with an updated self-critique of the piece.


Cultural Amnesia &
The New Commcement:
Coordination: 1000 B.C.E.


Eric Miller's Poems Sent to Velikovsky (1970)

Letters from Velikovsky
Cultural Amnesia,
An Interview

with Eric L. Miller
E.L. Miller's Examination of Velikovsky's Article: "Sigmund Freud & Moses the Law-giver"
Troy, Sea People, and Velikovsky:
"A Case Study In Infexibility"
A Note by Eric Miller
© March 15, 2013

The Dreams Freud Dreamed
By Immanuel Velikovsky

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